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Allover's clients are of utmost Importance.

At Allover capital plc, our clients are of utmost Importance and we seek their peace of mind. We create a wide room for engagement  and we make information available to them through some of these avenues.

We assign our highly professional relationship managers per client and they treat each customer as the only one we have.
Its our policy to transparently display our annual Financials on our webpages and also make available at our registered office for any of our shareholders or investor to review or access.
Should you have complaints, we have our client complaints desk stationed to ensure all issues are resolved immediately
From the comfort of your home or office we make it possible for you to inform us of your decision on you investment , assets portfolio, stock or transaction. By this we make your interactions with us seamless.
Information on developments within and outside our is are made available though our Quarterly newsletter . With us You are never in the dark.

Strategic Business Partners

Product Bouquet

rich enough to satisfy your desire

Our product bouquet  is rich enough to satisfy your desire what ever it is. Some of the products menu you may pick includes but not limited to

Wealth Management

Fixed Income Earnings.

Debt Capital Market

Merger & Acquisition

Investment Advisory

Discretionary & Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

Funds Management

Trusteeship (Private & Public)

Margin Facility Management

Equity Capital Market

Real Estate Investment Management

Special Project management & Collection

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